Give Your Idea a Bounce

Posted by Jonathan Pizzutti (VSB '17), on September 21st, 2016.

IdeaBounce 9.19.16Seeking to spread awareness of their ideas, receive feedback for improvement, and make connections for collaboration, Villanova students, faculty, and community members crowded the Idea Accelerator on Monday for IdeaBounce®. To spark discussion and networking, individuals and groups gave two minute elevator pitches on projects ranging from early stage ideas to well-established ventures. With a total of ten pitches, the ideas included an app creator that does not require coding, an acne solution based on drinkable vitamins, and an undertaking to protect the ecosystem of the Schuylkill River. Read more…

A Great Kickoff for Fridays in the Idea Accelerator

Posted by James Vaughan (VSB '18), on September 21st, 2016.


On Friday, September 9th, the Villanova ICE Institute hosted its first ever session of Fridays in the Idea Accelerator. Every Friday the Villanova community has the opportunity to hear from expert entrepreneurs discussing a variety of topics; not only that, but participants are welcomed to schedule post-presentation appointments with the featured guest. These “expert hours” are designed to allow Villanova’s aspiring entrepreneurs to brainstorm ideas and network, to discuss current projects, and to develop a plan of action in order to move those ideas, career goals, and projects forward.

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Creative Problem Solving on Day 1 in College of Engineering

Posted by Hannah Drazan (COE '19), on September 20th, 2016.

screenshot-2016-09-20-07-12-01My first class of Sophomore year was a Mechanical Engineering Analysis and Design three-hour lab that started at 8:30am. How lovely.

An introduction was made, a syllabus was handed out, and lab-safety ensued. Safety procedures generally revolved around using goggles to circumvent not knowing how to work a machine and how to keep your fingers from getting stuck in anything that spins or cuts – TA’s don’t like cleaning up blood. Then we drew slips of paper from a hat.

My class of 30 and I realized we didn’t get the pleasure of picking our own groups; rather, we had to put ourselves together based off of some commonality in the words we drew. Categories ranged in scientific depth from different ways of writing 1,000,000 (106, mega, million) to names of buildings on campus to the individual words combining to “Sponge Bob Square Pants”. Read more…